Corporate Alien Ad



 Link to Ross’s Amazon page:

List of Previous Publications: 

End of Days, in Bonté Review, (Port Yonder Press LLC), September 14

First Love, in Romantic Ruckus Anthology, (Strange Musings Press), July 14

Dead Thoughts, in Life of the Dead Anthology, (Martinus Press), June 14

Detroit’s Gain, in Of Airships & Automatons (Kindle anthology), (Witty Bard Press), May 14

Lost Balls, in Mash Stories eAnthology (Mash Stories Publishing), Apr 14

Fifty-five Shades of Green, in In The Bloodstream Anthology (Mocha Memoirs Press), Dec 13

Education, in  Insert Coin Here Anthology (Kind of a Hurricane Press) Oct 13

The Franchise, in 100 Worlds Anthology (Dreamscape Press), Oct 13

All Quite, in Jake’s Monthly Recollections Anthology, (Freelancejake), Sept 13 

Corporate Alien (novel on Kindle), (Pencon Publishing), July 13

The Last Tattoo, in Another 100 Horrors, (Cruentus Libri Press), June 13

Salvation, in Unchartered Frontier Ezine Issue 10, May 13

Darkest Thoughts, in Cover of Darkness magazine, Oct 12

The V Factor, in Fang Tales Anthology, (Wyvern Publishing), Oct 11

Foul Wind, in Best Served Cold: an eye for an eye Anthology, (Runewright LLC), Sep 11

Mister Experience, in Pirates & Swashbucklers Anthology, (Pulp Empire), Aug 11

Cover Story, in Whitechapel 13 Anthology, (Sonar 4 Publications), Jun11

The Guilt Trip, in Oil Anthology, (Static Movement Press), Apr 11

Spoils of War (novella), in Silver Wings Anthology, ( Publishing), Feb 11

The Perfect Candidate, in Patented DNA Anthology, (Pill Hill Press), Jul 10



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